Re: GTK+ Application class

Hi Tristan;

On Tue, 2006-10-24 at 11:03 -0400, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

> One additional thought - would it make sence to allow a glib-only app
> to be single instance ? or use any of those features ?
> If this is mostly to do with program infrastructure, should we not
> deffer some of the basic logic back into GApplicationClass, and
> implement only the UI specific part in a GtkApplicationClass derivative ?

I don't think it would make much sense; it would also have to be shipped
into libgobject - unless GApplication were made as a simple structure of
function pointers, but this would make the point of inheriting from it

As for unique instance applications: each IPC mechanism proposed for the
G_OS_UNIX case, except for the unix socket one, uses X or a X session in
some form (Xlibs and D-Bus); so it makes sense to have a single instance
application class inside GTK+.


Emmanuele Bassi,  E: ebassi gmail com

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