GTK+ 2.10, the endgame

I want to have GTK+ 2.10 ready at or immediately after GUADEC.

I did not declare 2.9.3 api frozen in the release announcement,
because we were still holding the door open for Kris' work on
the new tooltips api. But he has run into some difficulties
with the implementation which will take some time to overcome,
so we have decided to punt this feature and try to get it
into 2.12 early. 

Therefore, I want to consider 2.9.3 api frozen, and take a 
look at what still needs to happen before 2.10. Here are some
things I personally would like get worked on (not sure
how much time I can free to look into these myself):

- I think the async filechooser conversion has caused some 
  regressions, I noticed that .hidden support seems broken
  and autocompletion also behaved badly for me recently.

- There is a number of FIXMEs and unimplemented bits in
  the print code.

- The print backends need a careful look wrt to memory leaks
  and error reporting.

Are there other important bugs or regressions that need
attention before 2.10 ?

Another thing I have slacked off about is organizing a GTK+
team meeting at GUADEC. So, who of the GTK+ team is there 
and at what times ? Should we try to find a free hour during 
the core days, or does everybody stay for the after hours ? 
If so, it may be easier to do a team meeting on Thursday...


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