Re: GTK+ 2.10, the endgame

On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 09:56 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> Therefore, I want to consider 2.9.3 api frozen, and take a 
> look at what still needs to happen before 2.10. Here are some
> things I personally would like get worked on (not sure
> how much time I can free to look into these myself):
> - I think the async filechooser conversion has caused some 
>   regressions, I noticed that .hidden support seems broken
>   and autocompletion also behaved badly for me recently.

Yes, it's quite broken at the moment.  I don't think we can do any more
productive debugging (fixing something breaks something else) until we
have a good set of automated tests for the basic behaviors.

> - There is a number of FIXMEs and unimplemented bits in
>   the print code.
> - The print backends need a careful look wrt to memory leaks
>   and error reporting.

I'm rather worried of declaring the printing API as stable and just
unleashing it to the world.  Is any software *really* using it?  Does it
contemplate things like

	- sites with thousands of printers

	- sites which want to lock-down certain printers

	- color management for apps that need it

> Another thing I have slacked off about is organizing a GTK+
> team meeting at GUADEC. So, who of the GTK+ team is there 
> and at what times ? Should we try to find a free hour during 
> the core days, or does everybody stay for the after hours ? 
> If so, it may be easier to do a team meeting on Thursday...

I'll be there since Sunday morning.

Thursday is the Advisory Board meeting, so I'm afraid I won't have that
day free for the GTK+ meeeting.


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