Re: GObject extension propose (GContainer)

On Thu, 15 Jun 2006, Fontana Nicola wrote:

Hi all,

I'm a GObject based libraries (for UI purpose and not) user and I often need
a generic container to derive my own types. In my opinion, I think this
generic container must be included inside the GObject library ... it could
be used by a lot of derived libraries providing a common approach.

I published my solution - that is, what I am currently using - on

Is it a good idea? Is something planned in this direction? Am I totally

I need feedbacks ...

hi. your gcontainer-1.0.0 looks like an interesting approach to me, but
i'm not sure it's generally good to put that into stock libgobject.
the main reason is that container needs are probably pretty variable
out there (i've come across at least 4 different gobject container
implementations in free software projects i'm woorking on) and that
both, making too little assumptions in the child/container interface
isn't going to be very helpful, albeit making too many has the
same problem.

i guess we could add a link to your project from the libgobject docs
(it should probably have a Contrib section), for people possibly looking
for a GObject container implementation. that way, gcontainer-1.0.0 gets
a chance of being reused and maybe extended to something generally usefull for GObject applications out there.



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