GTK+ meeting at GUADEC (Re: GTK+ 2.10, the endgame)

On Thu, 15 Jun 2006, Matthias Clasen wrote:

I want to have GTK+ 2.10 ready at or immediately after GUADEC.

Another thing I have slacked off about is organizing a GTK+
team meeting at GUADEC. So, who of the GTK+ team is there
and at what times ? Should we try to find a free hour during
the core days, or does everybody stay for the after hours ?
If so, it may be easier to do a team meeting on Thursday...

i think i volounteered to take on arrangement of that to some extend.
at least, we intended to have a meeting on GTK+ linking issues, and
could probably merge that with the GTK+ team meeting during guadec.
the plan for that was to send out en email next friday/saturday (i.e
right at the guadec start) to figure/suggest dates suitable for
everyone to attend.



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