Re: Success! Got gtk2 + xorg-modular built in SYSROOT-environment

* Daniel Stone <daniel freedesktop org> schrieb:


> As far as I can tell, it's almost exactly as you've described, but
> without the chroot step, so everything on the planet needs to be
> patched to prepend $SYSROOT to some indeterminate paths, but not
> others.

If the package's buildsystem is properly written (which is mostly
mutex vs. autotools), it works fine with a few changes.

+ if external packages are imported via pkg-config, you simply
  have to filter its output to prepend the sysroot prefix.
  (requires that the path to pkg-config can be reliably overwritten)
+ for non-pkgconfig-packages its quite common that you can pass
  include and library pathes form explicitly. no challenge.
+ libtool is an major problem. practically unrepairable.
  well its completly braindead misdesign anyway.
  I had to replace it.
    cvs://anoncvs nibiru metux de/home/cvs/repositories/

Well, I've now got it all working. 

(... now I'm fighting on the mozilla frontier ...)
*1: yeah, still finite inprobability, but I can't imagine someone
    will ever get the tea hot enough)
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