Re: Success! Got gtk2 + xorg-modular built in SYSROOT-environment

* Behdad Esfahbod <behdad cs toronto edu> schrieb:


> I'm not quite sure what a SYSROOT environment is.  

It's a kind of jail, but for the toolchain instead of a 
running system: evrything's taken from within the sysroot,
instead of the running system.

Probably the cleanest way of building for an foreign system, 
not just for real crosscompiling.


> Anyway, you really should not patch configure scripts directly, 
> but patch configure.{in,ac} instead.

You're absolutely right. But the damage doesn't come from there, 
and I dont like to engage on another front by trying to repair 

> And why did you exactly need to write your own libtool?  

Because I didn't see any chance for repairing the original one. 
And because my implementation is just a frontend for an really 
platform independent toolchain command set.

See: cvs://anoncvs nibiru metux de/home/cvs/repositories/unitool

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