Re: Success! Got gtk2 + xorg-modular built in SYSROOT-environment

On Tue, 4 Oct 2005, Enrico Weigelt wrote:

> Hi folks,
> after months of vading through the deep darkness of libtool and
> climbing along the abyss of autotools, I've now finally reached
> my destiny:
> I've finally got gtk2 (2.8) and all dependencies over pango,
> cairo, glib down to the xorg-modular packages built in an clean
> SYSROOT environment.
> This required me to patch a dozen of configure scripts manually
> (yeah, ugly and inconsitent!) and writing my own libtool ...
> Anyone interested in my works ?

HI there,

I'm not quite sure what a SYSROOT environment is.  Anyway, you
really should not patch configure scripts directly, but patch
configure.{in,ac} instead.

And why did you exactly need to write your own libtool?  Again, I
have no idea what the SYSROOT thing is.

> cu


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