Re: Common Save Confirmation Dialogue

On 5/12/05, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <gjc inescporto pt> wrote:
>   OK, but:
>         1. Fire Inkscape
>         2. Draw something on the blank document
>         3. Click on "Create New Document"
>         4. Draw something on the new document
>         5. Activate File->Exit
>   Then you get two confirmation dialogues in sequence, from the same SDI
> (you said it yourself) application.  I think Single Document Interface
> means you have one document per window, but it doesn't mean an
> application cannot have several windows open.  And of course File->Exit
> should quit the application, meaning all windows have to be closed.

All this is really beside the point of adding the common dialogue to
GTK.  However, as I said above, I do not have access to a GNOME
machine at present, but I have just run the latest version of Inkscpae
under Windows XP. If I open a document, and then hit File -> New, I
have two Windows open. If I close either of these documents, the other
one stays open. From what you are saying this is the not the case in
Inkscape under GNOME.

Let's just ignore Inkscape, and concentrate on an ideal SDI
application, where each window  contains one document, and there are
no shared control windows, as there are in the GIMP. I do not agree
with you that File -> Quit should quit the program if there are
multiple documents open.. In GIMP, closing the main toolbar should of
course exit the application. But in the ideal SDI application, each
open window represents a document. Clicking File->Quit should close
the current File, and leave all the others open. It does not make
sense that clicking close on one document should close another.

>   The main point of this is not saving duplicated code size; more
> important is UI consistency across desktop applications.  The best way
> to achieve consistency is of course to have a single implementation, as
> GtkMessageDialog shows.

You and Sven have both picked up on what I said as an after thought
about code and binary size. As I said in my original mail, the aim of
adding the common dialogue is because "it would help speed up GTK
application development, promote a familiar desktop with common
dialogue boxes, and help ensure HIG compliance".

Marc O'Morain

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