Re: Common Save Confirmation Dialogue

On 5/11/05, Ben Maurer <bmaurer ximian com> wrote:
> Some applications, like MonoDevelop or gedit need a way to specify
> multiple documents eg:
> If you quit now, changes from these documents will be lost
>     * blah.cs
>     * foo.cs
>     * baz.cs
> The dialog lets you choose what (if anything) to save.
> -- Ben

Hi Ben,

I agree that there needs to be a different dialogue box for
applications with a multiple document interface (MDI). The common
dialogue box that has been proposed would be only suitable for
applications with single document interfaces.

However, the majority of applications have SDI, and the HIG suggests
that programmers should "Use SDI for your GNOME application unless
there is a compelling reason not to."
This common dialogue box would aid application creators write HIG
compliant software.

As it stands, programmers who create applications with SDI or MDI need
to create a custom dialogue box to ask users to confirm saving. If
this proposal is accepted, only programmers who write MDI applications
would need to create the custom dialogue box. Thus there is nothing to
lose by adding this feature.

Best Regards,

Marc O'Morain

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