Re: Common Save Confirmation Dialogue

On 5/12/05, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <gjc inescporto pt> wrote:
>   Even SDI applications usually support multiple windows served by the
> same process, where File->Exit quits the application by closing all
> windows.  Since each window contains one document, on File->Exit you may
> have to confirm saving multiple documents.  And it's annoying to have to
> confirm saving documents several times in sequence.

Hi Gustavo,

Applications that support multiple documents in the one process (such
as GIMP) are actually MDIs. An example of a true SDI is something like
Inkscape or GPDF. If a common save dialogue is implemented in GTK,
these pseudo-MDI applications are still free to implement their own
application specific widget.

The point of adding this would be to replace all the code in SDI
applications that have a save confirmation dialogue box with a single
GTK call. Removing code from applications like this makes them faster
and easier to write, easier to read and maintain, and the binary would
be smaller. I don't know how this would affect the GTK binary -
whether the save confirmation code would be shared across running
applications or loaded once per application.

Best Regards,

Marc O'Morain

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