Re: Common Save Confirmation Dialogue


Marc O'Morain <marc omorain gmail com> writes:

> Applications that support multiple documents in the one process (such
> as GIMP) are actually MDIs. An example of a true SDI is something like
> Inkscape or GPDF.

Inkscape does actually allow you to open multiple documents in the
same process. It is not a good example for true SDI.

> The point of adding this would be to replace all the code in SDI
> applications that have a save confirmation dialogue box with a single
> GTK call. Removing code from applications like this makes them faster
> and easier to write, easier to read and maintain, and the binary would
> be smaller. I don't know how this would affect the GTK binary -
> whether the save confirmation code would be shared across running
> applications or loaded once per application.

I don't think binary size is a compelling reason here. The main
advantage is that the dialog will look and feel the same in all
applications. The user will recognize the dialog which makes the app
easier to use.


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