Re: Themable colors

On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 10:44, Bill Haneman wrote:

> Possibly it needs heavy revision.  Calum?  It should be clear that 
> explicit colors must be avoided except in applications that deal with 
> actual colorspaces, such as image processing.

It could certainly do with some improvement-- it really focuses on
potential colour-blindness issues, rather than more general visual
impairment issues. (And the HIG guideline that advises not to hard-code
colours is in a different section altogether IIRC.)

IMHO the GNOME colour palette mentioned in this chapter only really
ought to be of interest to a) icon designers looking to design
additional icons for the default theme, or b) theme designers looking to
design a theme that tones in with the default icons.  So perhaps it
really belongs in the Icons chapter these days.


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