Re: Themable colors

Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> writes:

Having things like your proposed GTK_PALETTE_RED doesn't make much
sense; if you want a specific color, just use it from your app:

I am not sure I agree. Red is not just red. It is not uncommon for
applications to just need a few colors to make something stand out,
and there may be good reasons for wanting say a red or a green. In
that case, it makes sense to pick the color out of a palette that
matches the rest of the desktop.
Applications should _NEVER_ choose a specific color "to make something stand out", that is a serious accessibility violation. Please see "GNOME Accessibility Guide for Developers":

The ONLY time that an application should choose a specific color (or even a specific value, i.e. 'black' or 'white') is when "red means RED", i.e. if the application is a painting application, an image processing application, or something similar, where the actual hue and value are semantically identified with the element.

Otherwise you should use a gc whose semantics are 'stand out' or 'error'. That's what this thread is really about.

- Bill

Currently your best bet is to just pick a color from the palette in
the HIG, but I think the palette should depend on the theme.


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