Re: Themable colors

Bill Haneman <Bill Haneman Sun COM> writes:

> The ONLY time that an application should choose a specific color (or
> even a specific value, i.e. 'black' or 'white') is when "red means
> RED", i.e. if the application is a painting application, an image
> processing application, or something similar, where the actual hue and
> value are semantically identified with the element.
> Otherwise you should use a gc whose semantics are 'stand out' or
> 'error'.  That's what this thread is really about.

So according to you the section of the HIG that deals with color
should be deleted?

What if you need to show a graphical representation of numbers, say a
bar or pie chart? Should you use gc's with the semantics "pie chart
color 1" and "pie chart color 2"? 


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