Re: gobject API docs and tutorial merge : stage 1

Hi Mathieu,

Owen Taylor and Tim Janik agreed that it would be useful to integrate it.
Although I need to appologise, I should have asked you explicitely (I've been probably a bit too over entusiastic with this and do too much at once).

IMHO that is what speaks for the integration:
1) still many people don't know about the gobject tutorial
2) easier to update a merged document
3) links from description to API docs

Keeping the CVS history is indeed a probelm and would require manual surgery on the server. I (personaly) would discontinue the stand-alone document.

I would be happy to maintain this part of the document. So if you want you can just forward me any patches, comment etc..


hi stefan,

I am sorry if I have missed something but would you mind telling me
exactly what deal has been agreed upon and by who ? i.e., have the glib
maintainers expressed interest in this ? So far, I have not seen any
public reply to your gtk-devel emails which is why I wonder how all of
this is going forward.

Are you going to checkin this new documentation somewhere in the glib
module ? If so, how do you plan to maintain the CVS history from the
gobject-doc module ?

I am not sending this email to say that I disagree with all this but I
would appreciate if someone could keep me in the information loop
(please, CC me): although I don't really work on new things for the
gobject-doc module, I still checkin whatever patches are sent to me by
readers and feel sort of concerned about its future.


On Tue, 2005-03-29 at 16:43 +0200, Stefan Kost wrote:

Hi all,

a second version has been uploaded. Now API entrie link to the API-Docs. The 2nd "Introduction" is now called "Background".
Comments still welcome.
Otherwise I'll soon commit.


PS.: @glib-maintainers: anything special to take care of?


I've now stated with the document merge. The current result is available at:

I currently think about how to best merge the duplicate info from Introduction and Concepts/Introduction.

Next thing is to add links from concepts and tutorial text to API docs.

Would be nice if you can try and comment, if it generally looks good (the order of information, document structure).

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