Re: GtkSocket bug ? and patch

On Fri, 2005-03-25 at 13:50 +0800, KC wrote:
> This I don't quite agree.  Look at the function prototype, it's
>    void gtk_socket_add_id (GtkSocket *socket_, GdkNativeWidnow XID);
> It implies all GdkNativeWindow should work ... 

I prefer looking at the docs ;-)

 * gtk_socket_add_id:
 * @socket_: a #GtkSocket
 * @window_id: the window ID of a client participating in the XEMBED protocol.
 * Adds an XEMBED client, such as a #GtkPlug, to the #GtkSocket.

> It works perfectly for gnuplot (and xeyes ^.^).  Since communication between
> embedder (socket) and gnuplot is goes through pipe or pseudo tty, not XEMBED.
> So, again it's the decision application should make, not toolkit.

The app is welcome to make the decision, but it's just like an app
deciding to use a pie chart. GTK+ doesn't have a pie chart widget. GTK+
doesn't have an "embed random window" widget either. So you have to go
somewhere other than GTK+ to find this code. GTK+ isn't going to stop
you from doing so.


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