Re: GtkSocket bug ? and patch

On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 22:22 +0800, KC wrote:
> it's X reparent problem.  I just want to know if the patch I posted worthy to
> apply or does XReparentWindow() do have such problem for some window
> managers.

The problem is that without XEMBED you're doing something totally
undefined/heuristic/race-condition-ridden, so yes it has a problem, but
no there's no reasonable way to fix it. That's why this usage isn't

> And IMHO, although GtkSocket/GtkPlug may not design for kidnapping legacy
> X applications ... it does work fine for such purpose.   Specially, when using
> such trick for text based interactive utilities such as gnuplot, GNU
> Octave, Maxima ... etc
> most of them don't know what's XEmbed protocal ... but they do worth
> to kidnap :-)

They may "work" but not reliably or via any specified mechanism, so this
isn't something gtk wants to start trying to fix bugs in.


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