Re: GtkSocket bug ? and patch

On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 18:43 +0800, KC wrote:
> Hi,
> Let me describe the problem first.  I wrote a simple test program,
> gdk_socket_add_id.c, and try to steal a legacy X app., xeyes.
> I'm using Fedora Core 2 (with gtk+-2.4.14).  The procedure is as
> following:
> > xeyes & <CR>
> > xwininfo <CR> ..... then click on xeyes, I get WID, eg 0x2c00007.
> > gdk_socket_add_id 0x2c00007 <CR>
> The result is two windows instead of one (xeyes embedded in embedder),
> but xeyes will resize if I resize the embedder.  Looks like xeyes
> does been controlled by embedder ... but reparent is not working.

plug/socket is not designed for stealing, which is impossible to get
entirely right. It's designed for a pair of a cooperating embedder
(GtkSocket, say) and client (GtkPlug) speaking the XEMBED protocol.


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