GtkPlug/Socket on Win32: is_focus vs. is-focus

In gtksocket.c, we have:

static void
gtk_socket_notify (GObject    *object,
		   GParamSpec *pspec)
  if (!strcmp (pspec->name, "is_focus"))

  socket_update_focus_in (GTK_SOCKET (object));

Shouldn't that be "is-focus"? That is what the function actually gets
called with. Not that it seems to matter on X11. And not on Win32
either, sigh.

(I am having slight problems with focus motion to the "active child"
in testsocket. The focus does in fact move correctly when I tab into
the child's widgets, but the widgets don't show the focus
indication. Weird...

Otherwise, I did eventually notice to take out the check for X11 in
gtk_window_show(). Otherwise after pressing "Add Active Child", focus
jumped to the child (without indication, though) although it should
stay on the button. )


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