Re: gdk/win32 and cairo [was: Cairo now a dependency of HEAD GTK+]

Owen Taylor writes:
 > I committed a big change yesterday to make GTK+/GDK use Cairo
 > for much of it's drawing.

Yeah, I just noticed ;-)

 > So, we need to get something in to keep the win32 port
 > running. Unless I hear otherwise, what I'll do is fix up my patch
 > for some changes I made in the GDK backend interface and commit
 > that.

Sounds good... We can sort out any differences between your and Hans's
ideas how to aproach it later. I tried to have a go at applying your
stuff from Feb 24th, but you probably have a more current
understanding of what it's about. I haven't been following the
gdk/cairo/win32 development that closely for some time, but I'll
really should try to get more involved now.

PS: Any comment on my suggestions in bug #58541?


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