Re: Recently Used Files Proposal


Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> writes:

>> That's it. Very simple, very common. Currently, I can open one menu
>> (Places->Recent Documents) and 'solve' that user problem.
> What if you have more than one document with the same name?

The menu item should have a tooltip with the full filename.

> What if one is a copy you keep on a network share?

What's the problem?

> What if you want to open a document you edited some time ago (but not
> too long), and it went out of the menu?

The menu should feature an item at the bottom that allows the user to
open the GtkRecentChooserDialog that you suggested. That gives access
to not so recently used items w/o taking away the possibility to
access very recently used items as quickly as possible.


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