2.3.0 release

I'm planning to do GLib-2.3.0, Pango-1.3.0, GTK+-2.3.0 releases
tomorrow; the only thing I want to do before then is move GtkFileChooser
into the GTK+ tree. (I'll probably do that this evening or tomorrow

There will probably be a bunch of instability, but that's
what the .0 of an unstable series is for, right? :-)

If anyone wants to write up NEWS items for areas they worked
on in particular (GtkToolbar, GtkExpander, GtkEntryCompletion,
whatever), that will save me some time and probably result
in more accuracy. In general, the rule is that any change
that went into GTK+-2.2.x shouldn't be in the NEWS for
the unstable branch.


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