Re: 2.3.0 release

[CCing d-d-l due to relevance of the VFS backend in GtkFileChooser]

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 15:49, Owen Taylor wrote:
> I'm planning to do GLib-2.3.0, Pango-1.3.0, GTK+-2.3.0 releases
> tomorrow; the only thing I want to do before then is move GtkFileChooser
> into the GTK+ tree. (I'll probably do that this evening or tomorrow
> morning.)

I renamed GtkFileChooserImplDefault to GtkFileChooserDefault as we
discussed, and did the necessary CVS surgery to move the files to the
new name.  I guess it is ready for the move, unless I'm horribly missing

So, is the plan to leave GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS in the gtkfilechooser
module?  Or should we perhaps move it to libgnomevfs?  I'm afraid that
the two release schedules are not completely synchronized, so we may not
have time to polish the VFS backend as much as is needed.


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