Re: WM_NAME not getting set in Puppy

Thanks for the feedback...

>> Puppy only has GTK v1.2.10 (same as Redhat 8.0), Athena/neXtaw and
>> Qt 2.3 applications. Most of the apps are GTK apps.
>> But, what looks really bad is that all the GTK apps display with
>"Untitled" in
>> the window title bar. I'm using Fvwm95, and the developer of that

>Nobody else has reported problems with (the highly obsolete) GTK+-1.2.10
>since it was released 3 years or so ago, so I'd look on your end. If I
>had to guess, it might be a problem with your locale configuration.

Ah ha! so, it is related to locale, which is broken somewhat on Puppy.
When a GTK app starts, there is an error message, some thing like
"GDK error, cannot set locale, using C".

So if I fix locale, it should be right.
A question though... I compiled all the GTK apps with "--disable-nls", as
Puppy has to work in a tiny ramdisk (and has just about everything,
including wordprocessor, desktop publishing, multimedia, etc, all in the
48M ramdisk). I've used Redhats GTK shared libraries as-is, but if I
really wanted to go down the route of not supporting locale switching,
does GTK 1.2 have the option of turning it off? ...I know I should read
the compile docs with the source tarball, but could you give me an
indication whether this is a bad direction to be thinking toward?

I know GTK 1.2 is old, but it is very surprising just how many
apps there are out there that still haven't been upgraded to v2, and
some maybe never will be. I have discovered an amazing collection
of apps for Puppy.

P.S. 2
Interesting, Puppy has Qt 2.3, for Konqueror-embedded web browser
and Scribus desktop publishing, and that gives no error message and
sets WM_NAME ok. ...but then, I compiled Qt myself, and probably
turned off the locale support part (I don't have access to my notes
on that right now).

Barry Kauler

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