WM_NAME not getting set in Puppy

Hi guys,
I'm sending this email to the developer list, as I have a problem that needs a
response from someone who understands the code, and maybe a patch.

I've developed my own little Linux distro called "Puppy", which is a marvel
of miniaturisation. Puppy has a wide range of GUI apps, which all run in a
48M ramdisk, and consequently everything starts up just about instantly
and responds instantly.

Puppy only has GTK v1.2.10 (same as Redhat 8.0), Athena/neXtaw and
Qt 2.3 applications. Most of the apps are GTK apps.

But, what looks really bad is that all the GTK apps display with "Untitled" in
the window title bar. I'm using Fvwm95, and the developer of that product told
me that it must be a bug in GTK.
The Athena and Qt apps display the titles okay.

"xprop" shows that the GTK apps are not setting the WM_NAME property.
I searched the GTK mail list archive, but could not find an answer to this
problem. There was one thread where a guy had this problem, but he never
got a solution.

I need a solution to this. Especially ROX-filer, that is supposed to display the
current path in each window.
Why would GTK fail to set WM_NAME yet the other widget libraries can?

What do I do? If you would like to see Puppy, he can be downloaded from my


...the live CD iso is very small, only about 35M, so easy to download.
...maybe someone can hack a fix for me?
...please, please

Barry kauler

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