Re: WM_NAME not getting set in Puppy

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 17:24, Barry Kauler wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm sending this email to the developer list, as I have a problem that needs a
> response from someone who understands the code, and maybe a patch.
> I've developed my own little Linux distro called "Puppy", which is a marvel
> of miniaturisation. Puppy has a wide range of GUI apps, which all run in a
> 48M ramdisk, and consequently everything starts up just about instantly
> and responds instantly.
> Puppy only has GTK v1.2.10 (same as Redhat 8.0), Athena/neXtaw and
> Qt 2.3 applications. Most of the apps are GTK apps.
> But, what looks really bad is that all the GTK apps display with "Untitled" in
> the window title bar. I'm using Fvwm95, and the developer of that product told
> me that it must be a bug in GTK.
> The Athena and Qt apps display the titles okay.

Nobody else has reported problems with (the highly obsolete) GTK+-1.2.10
since it was released 3 years or so ago, so I'd look on your end. If I
had to guess, it might be a problem with your locale configuration.


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