Re: filesel notes

On Sun, 2002-03-10 at 04:09, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
> Interesting things:
>         * Support for bookmarks.
>         * Navigation buttons (back, forward, up).
>         * Recent file list.
>         * Support for adding custom buttons to the toolbar.
>         * Allow different viewing modes (basically, the same as in the
>           file manager), although I don't see any API for that.

	Many (all?) of these can be dealt with internally in the file selector
widget - perhaps in combo with some persistant store like GConf -
assuming we can pass some app specific key into the file selector, and
have little API impact.

	The most important thing is to get the API right - and Havoc's mail is
a great analysis of those APIs.

	It might also be fortuitous to pass in via the API something like a
mime description of the type of file we're looking to load/save so that
it would be possible to have common (across app) defaults for where you
like to store images, spreadsheets etc. Then again it might be a PITA

	Havoc, it'd be great if you could propose a bare bones API, that covers
the minimum methods that are necessary.

	Then again it'd be better to get Gnome 2.0 out the door before creating
a desire to go breaking / adding APIs without fixing the bugs first ;-)



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