Re: filesel notes

Ettore Perazzoli <ettore ximian com> writes:  
> KDE has its own as well:

Just tried this in kwrite - clearly the dialog with the most features
out of any platform, by several factors. ;-) We'll let the UI team 
decide if that's good or not ;-)

> >   We need to figure out how the implementation to be used will be
> >   determined and loaded. It is some combination of a) platform
> >   (including gnome-vfs as a platform) and b) user preference.  
> Why would the user care about changing this?

I tend to agree, though I think it'd be harmless to have this a "pref"
in the sense that if you want to build tarballs and edit text files
you can change it. (Based on the assumption that we already have to
make it abstract to that extent really, if we're going to support the
various platform-specific stuff.)

Forgot to mention in my original mail - volunteers to figure out the
API and implement would be very welcome. Maybe someone who's already
written a custom one for their app? Any takers?


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