filesel notes


I got really sick of bugzilla today, and do think the filesel widget
is a very high priority post-GTK-2, so I went ahead and collected the
following data.

This document has _nothing_ to do with the UI, other than making sure
the API doesn't depend on it. So don't get excited about another
lengthy filesel thread about what buttons it has. ;-) This thread is

So the next steps after this discussion are: 

 - to draft a tentative GTK+ API, justifying that API in light of the
   appended information
 - design and implement the UI - discussion on usability gnome org
 - implement "plain filesystem" and "gnome-vfs" filesystem backends

The bugzilla bug on this is:


Possible Requirements, written before looking at prior art:

 a) UI design to be determined by UI team
    (includes keynav, what buttons there are, regular list or 
     icon list, is there a shortcuts bar, etc.)
 b) Choose a file to be loaded
 c) Enter a filename to save
 d) Choose a directory
 e) Possibility of different UI for load/save/directory modes,
    e.g. OS X has a pretty different dialog for saving
 f) Ability to insert a preview of the selected file/dir
    into the widget
 g) Ability to use the widget as a toplevel dialog or also embedded
    into a wizard or the like
 h) Ability to use the native platform file selector for
    GNOME/Win32/OSX/etc., or alternatively allow writing a
    per-platform filesel that emulates the native one closely.
 i) Allow filesel UI to be changed without breaking ABI/API
 j) Ability to use native MIME system, native icons, etc.
 k) Ability to use VFS with URIs 
 l) Ability to select multiple files
 m) Ability to supply a custom filter function for files to 
    be displayed

Survey of prior art:

 Winforms, Swing, and Qt all have pretty much the same UI for the
 dialog, the APIs aren't all that different either though there
 are different ideas on how to do some things.


  - Can't be embedded (at least not without ugly hacks), must be 
    in a dialog
  - Dialog is always modal
  - Different load/save dialogs, but most of the 
    API is shared, they have a common base class.
  - Has flag for whether to auto-append an extension to the 
    entered filename
  - Has flag for whether to warn if the chosen file does not 
    exist (not sure if it warns in the dialog or pops 
    up a separate dialog) 
  - Has flag for default file extension
  - Allows multiple file selection
  - get/set selected files
  - Optional help button 
  - Can set initial directory
  - Can set the title
  - Signals on Help and when closing dialog
  - Open dialog has an optional "open in read only mode" checkbutton
  - Save dialog can optionally do the "file foo does not exist, 
    create?" subdialog for you
  - Save dialog can optionally do the "file foo does exist,
    overwrite?" subdialog for you
  - Save dialog has an "open file" method that opens the 
    output file for you; thus the two subdialogs above


  - Also dialog-only, no way to use inside another toplevel
  - Can use windows/OSX native dialog, but the docs make 
    it sound like this only happens if you use the 
    QFileDialog::getOpenFileName() API. Unclear.
  - API is mostly documented for modal use, but I think it can be used
  - Uses a single dialog for load and save
  - Has these modes:    
    * QFileDialog::AnyFile - The name of a file, whether it exists
    or not.
    * QFileDialog::ExistingFile - The name of a single existing file.
    * QFileDialog::Directory - The name of a directory. Both files and
    directories are displayed.
    * QFileDialog::DirectoryOnly - The name of a directory. The file
    dialog will only display directories.
    * QFileDialog::ExistingFiles - The names of zero or more existing
  - Two kinds of preview:
    * QFileDialog::NoPreview - No preview is shown at all.
    * QFileDialog::Contents - Show a preview of the contents of the
    current file using the contents preview widget.
    * QFileDialog::Info - Show information about the current file
    using the info preview widget.
  - Optionally displays file metadata:
    * QFileDialog::List - Display file and directory names with
    * QFileDialog::Detail - Display file and directory names with
    icons plus additional information, e.g. file size, modification
  - Method to reload the directory
  - Can choose to show hidden files or not
  - Can set the selected file
  - Can selectAll()
  - Can add filters as a glob (e.g. *.png) to appear 
    in the filters option menu. The API is kind of 
    strange, since the same string seems to be both 
    parsed as a glob and displayed to the user; 
    don't understand how i18n works
  - Can add a widget "on the right side of the dialog" (this 
    is separate from the preview feature)
  - Can addToolButton() to add a new button to the toolbar
  - Can add three widgets to the bottom aligned with the 
    existing three widgets along the bottom
  - Signal when the user changes directory
  - Signal when the user highlights a file
  - Signal when the user changes filter
  - When getting the selected files, can optionally 
    resolve symlinks before handing them back, 
    and can optionally get only existing files


  - Also dialog-only 
  - Also modal at least normally 
  - Can have a preview widget on the right
  - Has custom filters in the filter dropdown
  - Can do previews/thumbnails for each file in the file list, 
    not just the selected file in a special widget. 
    i.e. can basically override the icon for each file with 
    a thumbnail.
  - More flexible/pluggable filtering than Qt (apparently, 
    I could be confused)
  - The Java look and feel (equivalent to the theme) 
    can I believe plug in different file icons, and 
    rearrange the widget itself
  - There's an isTraversable() method you can override
    that prevents entering certain directories, I believe this 
    is intended for NeXT-type directories that are supposed to 
    look like single objects to users
  - Has multiple/single modes
  - "Scroll to" method to force a certain file to be visible
  - Rescan directory method
  - Has a setDragEnabled() to turn on DND support. I'm not sure 
    what the DND support does.
  - Pluggable "get file metadata" object (FileView)
  - Pluggable filesystem object (FileSystemView)


  Java's FileView and FileSystemView objects are essentially the
  answer to "how do we support win32/gnome-vfs/etc. file metadata and
  filesystems with the GTK filesel".  However for simplicity it makes
  sense to me to merge these two, i.e. FileSystemView could just have
  a get_icon_for_file() method etc.

  FileSystemView interface should by no means contain all 
  of gnome-vfs; it is just the bare essential high-level 
  operations to display files, such as listing files, changing
  directory, getting file metainfo.

  FileSystemView might implement the GtkTreeModel interface?

  I believe Qt exposes the layout and contents of the dialog in the
  API more than we would like. For example it doesn't look like you
  could wrap the OS X Save dialog very well with their API.

  GTK should have both get_selected_uri() and get_selected_file()
  methods on the widget; for the default implementation,
  get_selected_uri() would always return a file: URI, but if you were
  using gnome-vfs you'd potentially get a remote URI.

  We need to figure out how the implementation to be used will be
  determined and loaded. It is some combination of a) platform
  (including gnome-vfs as a platform) and b) user preference.  It's
  also possible to mix-and-match the "model implementation"
  (FileSystemView) and "view implementation" (the filesel dialog).

  No one else supports using the filesel outside of a dialog, 
  and allowing that might impede the use of native widgets e.g. 
  on Windows, so maybe we shouldn't have that as a requirement.

  I don't like the Qt "magic strings" filter API that seems to combine
  the user-visible and programmatically-parsed string, but setting the
  filter as a glob does seem important. Setting a callback function as
  filter is also important, and maybe setting a MIME type as a
  filter. How could we implement an easy API for something that spans
  multiple MIME types or extensions, such as "image files"?

  I'd make the default implementation of the widget totally private; 
  i.e. it is not part of the public API as GtkListStore is, you can 
  only access the abstract interface.


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