Re: filesel notes

> Survey of prior art:
>  Winforms, Swing, and Qt all have pretty much the same UI for the
>  dialog, the APIs aren't all that different either though there
>  are different ideas on how to do some things.

KDE has its own as well:

Interesting things:

        * Support for bookmarks.
        * Navigation buttons (back, forward, up).
        * Recent file list.
        * Support for adding custom buttons to the toolbar.
        * Allow different viewing modes (basically, the same as in the
          file manager), although I don't see any API for that.
        * Static methods for simple tasks (getOpenURL, getSaveURL).

>   We need to figure out how the implementation to be used will be
>   determined and loaded. It is some combination of a) platform
>   (including gnome-vfs as a platform) and b) user preference.  

Why would the user care about changing this?


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