Re: filesel notes

Havoc Pennington writes:
 > I don't know how we'd make a native filesel a
 > GtkWidget/GtkWindow. Clearly we would need some clue as to how to
 > implement this in order to proceed with this feature. I was hoping Tor
 > and Hans might have thoughts.

Well, the people at have made GTK use the native
Windows file selection dialog. (That is in the
gtk-1-3-win32-production branch (GTK+ 1.3.0), though, so it would need
to be done somewhat differently for GTK+ 2.x, I guess.) I do have
their patches, but haven't read through them thoroughly, or even
thought about whether adding this to the "official" sources would be a
great idea or not. But, at least this shows that some people do feel
this is important enough to go through the hassle and implement it
themselves. (They sell a product that uses GTK+ on Windows, so they
have real customer wishes to consider.)


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