Re: filesel notes

Havoc Pennington wrote:

Dan Winship <danw ximian com> writes:

h) Ability to use the native platform file selector for
   GNOME/Win32/OSX/etc., or alternatively allow writing a
   per-platform filesel that emulates the native one closely.

Allowing it to be replaced with a different Gtk-based file selector is
one thing, but using the OS's native file selector would just be a giant
UI wart. We don't use native widgets anywhere else, why here?

Other toolkits do this, such as Qt and I think some less popular ones.
I don't know the rationale. Perhaps emulating the platform UI
precisely is difficult.

Also, the windows file selector seems to change with each revision of the operating system. If you are going to emulate the native file dialog, which one do you choose? Or do you reimplement each version and pick one at runtime?

I don't understand why it would be a UI wart; users want us to fit in
to the platform. I can imagine it being an API/implementation
nightmare though. e.g. I don't know how we'd make a native filesel a
GtkWidget/GtkWindow. Clearly we would need some clue as to how to
implement this in order to proceed with this feature. I was hoping Tor
and Hans might have thoughts. Probably we could make the API abstract
enough that filesel isn't even necessarily a GtkWidget, but I don't
know if it's worth it.

All the code using the common dialogs file selector under windows seems to just use the GetOpenFileName() or GetSaveFileName() APIs, which pops up the dialog modally, and then returns the selected file. Don't know how you would fit this into the GTK model.


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