Re: filesel notes

Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> writes:
> Well, the people at have made GTK use the native
> Windows file selection dialog. (That is in the
> gtk-1-3-win32-production branch (GTK+ 1.3.0), though, so it would need
> to be done somewhat differently for GTK+ 2.x, I guess.) I do have
> their patches, but haven't read through them thoroughly, or even
> thought about whether adding this to the "official" sources would be a
> great idea or not. But, at least this shows that some people do feel
> this is important enough to go through the hassle and implement it
> themselves. (They sell a product that uses GTK+ on Windows, so they
> have real customer wishes to consider.)

Can you post this portion of their patch, so we can see how they did

(Presumably the static-function approach, again.)

Maybe we could offer a static function that modally calls the
platform-specific file dialog and offers very few features, and then a
separate filesel API that always calls GTK-native.  That's some amount
of ugliness but perhaps addresses real user needs, and it's only a
static function or two worth of ugliness.


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