Re: Trouble compiling Pango (Gnome 2b4)

"Paul Joseph Thompson" <captbunzo squirrelmail org> writes:
> querymodules.o: In function `main':
> /home/captbunzo/src/gnome2b4/src-pre/pango-1.0.1/pango/querymodules.c:133:
> undefined reference to `pango_config_key_get'/home/captbunzo/src/gnome2b4/src-pre/pango-1.0.1/pango/querymodules.c:135:
> undefined reference to `pango_get_lib_subdirectory'/home/captbunzo/src/gnome2b4/src-pre/pango-1.0.1/pango/querymodules.c:142:
> undefined reference to `pango_split_file_list'

This means that Pango didn't find either FreeType libraries or the 
libraries, so it's not building any backend. (Pango-1.0.1 was
supposed to die with a configure error in this case, so I'm
suprised that you got to this point.

You probably need to install the freetype2 and Xlib development
(-dev) packages.


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