Re: glib request

Jonathan Wilson <jonwil tpgi com au> writes:

> I am in need of a version of glib that builds with the mingw toolchain
> (basicly, its gcc 2.95.3-5, binutils 2.11.09 with the microsoft visual
> C++ runtime library. see
> The version has to be compatible API wise with glib 1.2 since thats
> what the program I am trying to compile requires.

Has packages of GLib-2.0 that work with mingw. Handling
win32 is really something new with GLib-2.0, so you
are unlikely to find a version of 1.2 that meets your

(There was some win32 support in GLib-1.2 but it was
far from complete.)

Almost everything that compiled against GLib-1.2 will
compile against glib-2.0 with no changes.


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