Re: stock icons to add

On 17 May 2001 19:53:59 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> >From items in libgnomeui, I suggest the following be added to GTK:

> stock_multiple_file.png

This one is 32x32, when all others 24x24.

> stock_paste.png

I don't like this, it is too small for menu item, and too similar to
copy. Are these icons similar to microsoft/apple ones?

> stock_preferences.png
> stock_properties.png

These too are very similar, maybe someone has some other idea what can
be displayed here?

> stock_print.png

We of course need print preview, the one from Gnumeric. Evolution has
alternative of both icons -- for print and print preview.

> Maybe we should add these, they are sort of vague/abstract:
> stock_add.png
> stock_convert.png
> stock_index.png
> stock_jump_to.png
> stock_remove.png

Yes, I found these very useful, and used often in various apps.

> These are too application-specific, and are mostly in libgnomeui since
> gnome-stock was not extensible, or are gnome-specific. With GTK 2 you
> can easily add custom stock items in your app and have them be
> themeable. So the following should probably stay in libgnomeui and/or
> be moved to application-specific libs:

> stock_mail.png
> stock_mail_compose.png
> stock_mail_forward.png
> stock_mail_receive.png
> stock_mail_reply.png
> stock_mail_send.png

There are so many mail clients for gnome/gtk, all they use the same
icons. But no other kind of app needs them.

> stock_menu_about.png

This is in every app, isn't it?

> stock_spellcheck.png

As Jody said, it shouldbe in stock. This is even more useful than
text_bold or text_unindent, as mail clients, etc. can use it.

> Anyone know of other general-interest stock icons we should add?

I think zoom icons are of general interest, I found them in


Not much apps have hint support, but this can change, so hint icon will
be useful:


Gediminas Paulauskas
Kaunas, Lithuania

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