Re: glib/gmessages.c broken

At 14:35 18.05.01 +0200, Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:
>Hi Hans,
>> Trying to build todays glib gives the errors below. As far as I can
>> tell it finally broke with 'owen 1.28', but the brokeness has started
>> long time ago - redefineing the write() function to take a FILE* 'timj
>> 1.16' and doing some preprocessor magic to avoid namespace clashes 'tml
>> 1.21'
>Try this patch and apply if working.
Thanks, but may you have forgotten to attach the patch ?
>P.S.: I encountered the same problem, while implementing the native threads
>for win32. BTW, the code you sent wasn't working at all. Are you sure, you
>really ran make test with that library. I would be very surprised.

Have you made the changes in glib/config.h
#define G_THREAD_SOURCE "gthread-win32.c"
which I've forgotten to mention ?

Additionally I have missed to commit some small changes made
to tests/makefile.msc, tests/mainloop-test.c ...


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