Re: stock icons to add

Gediminas Paulauskas <menesis delfi lt> writes:
> This one is 32x32, when all others 24x24.

This one is already in GTK, used for dragging multiple files at once. 
It's not really a menu/toolbar icon.

> > stock_paste.png
> I don't like this, it is too small for menu item, and too similar to
> copy. Are these icons similar to microsoft/apple ones?

Open to replacing any of the icons, but I'm not going to do it, I
can't draw. ;-) So I'm just putting in already-available icons.
> > stock_menu_about.png
> This is in every app, isn't it?

Yeah but it's the GNOME flower, it seems like it should be in
libgnomeui. Outside of GNOME it seems sort of meaningless.
> I think zoom icons are of general interest, I found them in
> eog/src/stock:
> stock-zoom-1.xpm
> stock-zoom-fit.xpm
> stock-zoom-in.xpm
> stock-zoom-out.xpm
> Not much apps have hint support, but this can change, so hint icon will
> be useful:
> gnome-core/gnome-hint/gnome-hint.png

Yes, those seem like good ideas.


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