internationalized icons [was Re: stock icons to add]


> > stock_colorselector.png
> The standard MS Office icons for
>     - Font colour selector
>     - Background colour selector
> are also generally applicable because people are familiar with them.
> Gnumeric also has a few useful icons for
>     - print preview
>     - sort ascending/descending
> > Maybe these, lots of apps handle text editing of some kind:
> > 
> > stock_text_bold.png
> > stock_text_italic.png
> > stock_text_strikeout.png
> > stock_text_underline.png
> The sort icons and several of the font info icons raise an
> interesting point.  They are locale specific.
> eg
>     'B' for bold does not make much sense in several languages.

This starts to be evil.

I already see "Soubor" instead of "File" in localized
applications. Thats evil if you are used to Alt-F to get file menu to
open. Okay, I got used to that.

Having different icons for different locales is evil in similar way --
application has some kind of look. How application looks should not
depend on locale...
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