Re: gtk-all tarball, pkg-config changes to allow giant tarballs

James Henstridge <james daa com au> writes: 
> Do you even need to worry about the -uninstalled.pc variants?  Would it be
> enough to have dummy versions of glib-2.0.pc, etc in the base of this big
> package, and set PKG_CONFIG_PATH so that these will be found before
> possibly installed versions of the files?  (Setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH could
> be done in the toplevel configure script before the module configure
> scripts are called).  Wouldn't this be easier than hacking pkg-config?

Easier isn't really an issue since I already did it, but here is the
rationale I can think of:

 - this way is more robust against bad PKG_CONFIG_PATH
 - this way avoids a hack in the .pc file to support the 
   pkg-config --uninstalled predicate (you need to know you 
   are linking uninstalled to disable all TRY_RUN and CHECK_LIB 
 - maybe it's simpler to know to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to "glib/" 
   rather than "glib/uninstalled-pkgconfig/"

Other than that, it probably doesn't matter too much. I didn't really
think of doing it this way though.


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