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At 10:30 06.05.01 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
>Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> writes:
>> You are talking of a dotted line (IMO it is one pixel drawn, one or more
>> pixels left uncanged, but there is code in gtk/gtkstyle.c:3713ff
>>   if (detail && !strcmp (detail, "add-mode"))
>                  ^
>>     gdk_gc_set_dashes (style->black_gc, 0, "\4\4", 2);
>>   else
>>     gdk_gc_set_dashes (style->black_gc, 0, "\1\1", 2);
>> which gives a dashed lined for most "active widget" indications. The
>> originial "Windoze Theme" from Micro$oft does in fact use dotted 
>> lines for this ...
>"add-mode" is used only a few places in the tree widgets.
Ooops. Just another backend issue. Thanks for enlighning me :-)

>> [...] 
>> Some more things, which appear odd to me, while doing the direct
>> comparsion (I'm using Gtk+ win32).
>> - the checkboxes and radio buttons are drawn as white and 
>>   gray squares. Is this by design or is it a backend issue ?
>Backend issue. The check/radio buttons are pretty "normal" looking.
>Probably something to do with with the Win32 implementation of
>stipples which are used here to draw the components of the indicator.
That rings a bell. From Tor's status website:

"Stippled GCs now work partially in GDK. The only visible difference in
 GIMP is that guidelines now have the correct appearance. (If you don't
 know what a guideline is, try dragging the mouse out into the image
 from the top and left rulers in an image view.) I will still work on this, to
 make it work correctly with stipples and tiles of any size."

Is it possible to overload the check/radio buttons via rc-file
as well ? This would give me some more time to understand and implement
stipples and tiles ...

There seems to be something to do it in testgtkrc:
style "toggle_button" = "button"
  bg_pixmap[ACTIVE] = "check-y.xpm"
  bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "check-n.xpm"

widget_class "*GtkCheckButton*" style "toggle_button"
widget_class "*GtkRadioButton*" style "toggle_button"
but it appears to be broken on win32 either.

>> - The default background color of tooltips is still gray. (I've
>>   brought up this issue some years ago, the suggested workaround
>>   to change gtkrc doesn't appear to work anymore.) Even if it
>>   would work via rc-file, I still think it should be done right
>>   even with "messed up" gtkrc. Should I fill a bugreport ?
>You can file a bug report if you want, though 
>Changing the RC file still works fine - 
>style "gtk-tooltips-style" {
>  bg[NORMAL] = "#ffffc0"
>  fg[NORMAL] = "#000000"
>widget "gtk-tooltips" style "gtk-tooltips-style"
>works as ever. I think we are just going to install a default
>$(sysconfdir)/gtk-2.0/gtkrc to get yellow tooltips.
Yeah thanks. Must have done some directory confusion while
checking it out ...

> ...

Thanks for the fast response,

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