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Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> writes:

> At 09:07 02.05.01 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> >
> >Bill Haneman <Bill Haneman Sun COM> writes:
> >
> >> [context omitted, sorry ;-)]
> >> > 
> >> >> >  - Focus is done Windows (etc.) style with the focus being a 
> >> >> >    dotted line inside the button.
> >> >> 
> >> >> What about other widgets than buttons? It's been a while since I used
> >> >> windows so I dont remember how it works.. :-|
> >> >
> >> >Well, it depends on the widget...
> You are talking of a dotted line (IMO it is one pixel drawn, one or more
> pixels left uncanged, but there is code in gtk/gtkstyle.c:3713ff
>   if (detail && !strcmp (detail, "add-mode"))
>     gdk_gc_set_dashes (style->black_gc, 0, "\4\4", 2);
>   else
>     gdk_gc_set_dashes (style->black_gc, 0, "\1\1", 2);
> which gives a dashed lined for most "active widget" indications. The
> originial "Windoze Theme" from Micro$oft does in fact use dotted 
> lines for this ...

"add-mode" is used only a few places in the tree widgets.

> >> > GtkEntry/GtkTextView: No focus indication other than the cursor.
> >> >   (We probably will want to make the cursor blink by default, though
> >> >   the red cursor that testgtk is using now is pretty effective 
> >> >   too...)
> >> [...]
> >> 
> >> But the "cursor only" indication strikes me as a little weak, can we not 
> >> draw a dotted or transparent line around the text canvas?  And of course 
> >> red is only effective if you aren't color blind :-)
> >
> >The red suggestion is, more or less, a joke. The trouble with adding
> >a dotted line indication is:
> > 
> > a) It uses quite a bit of space (you need to reserve 4 extra
> >    pixels horizontally and vertically
> >
> > b) It looks rather odd and clutters up where you are typing.
> >
> Totally agreed to a) and b). But why does the current cvs version draw
> "activation indication" around edit fiedls than (i.e. Gtktest::text).
> Is it to get more consent, that it looks odd ? :-)

GtkText deprecated, so I don't care much about it.  But yes, GtkText
and, more importantly, GtkTextView need to be fixed in this
regard. Just an omission, not an intentional omission.
> Some more things, which appear odd to me, while doing the direct
> comparsion (I'm using Gtk+ win32).
> - the checkboxes and radio buttons are drawn as white and 
>   gray squares. Is this by design or is it a backend issue ?

Backend issue. The check/radio buttons are pretty "normal" looking.
Probably something to do with with the Win32 implementation of
stipples which are used here to draw the components of the indicator.
> - The default background color of tooltips is still gray. (I've
>   brought up this issue some years ago, the suggested workaround
>   to change gtkrc doesn't appear to work anymore.) Even if it
>   would work via rc-file, I still think it should be done right
>   even with "messed up" gtkrc. Should I fill a bugreport ?

You can file a bug report if you want, though 

Changing the RC file still works fine - 

style "gtk-tooltips-style" {
  bg[NORMAL] = "#ffffc0"
  fg[NORMAL] = "#000000"

widget "gtk-tooltips" style "gtk-tooltips-style"

works as ever. I think we are just going to install a default
$(sysconfdir)/gtk-2.0/gtkrc to get yellow tooltips.
> - The scrollbar arrows are too strong (compared with the original).
>   IMHO the baseline of the triangle should be removed, to get sharp
>   corners all around.

I would not consider the Windows look to be the "original" for
the way the scrollbars are done, though the new scrollbars are
certainly more like the Windows appearance than the old old

But I agree that the arrows aren't ideal. My current thought is to go
with a more equilateral triangle rather than the squished
Windows-style arrow. (See my original mail.)
> - The option menu arrows (c|sh)ould be replaced by one single arrow
>   pointing down.

The "redmond95" theme does this. (Still need to check the fixed
version of that into CVS.) I'm not sure if there is any reason to do
this for the default theme.

In fact, the double arrow does distinguish the fairly separate
behaviors of GtkCombo and GtkOptionMenu.

(Whether they should act differently is a different issue - our basic
opinion is no, but we don't have nearly enough time to fix this at the
current moment.)

Thanks for the feedback,

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