Re: New default theme

Bill Haneman wrote:

> But the "cursor only" indication strikes me as a little weak, can we not
> draw a dotted or transparent line around the text canvas?  And of course
> red is only effective if you aren't color blind :-)
> Default blinking is questionable.  At any rate it shouldn't blink faster
> than 2 Hz (could, in theory, trigger seizures in some people - US
> Federal Gov't requirement nowadays).

I have a vague recollection that you're supposed to be able to switch
off anything that blinks altogether, too, in which case it would be
impossible to tell if the text box had focus.  But I may just be making
that up, I don't have the 508 doc to hand!

My guess would be that text fields need the same sort of focus
indication as lists-- which as you'll recall from my example at GUADEC
is often currently "none", but I'm sure you've done something about
that, right?  :o)


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