Re: shared library dependencies (again)

On Tuesday 01 May 2001  9:15 pm, Owen Taylor wrote:
> I think there is a problem with going to libtool-1.4 at this point...
> As far as I can tell, it isn't really compatible with automake-1.4
> (because ltconfig no longer exists), and I don't want to require
> people developing GTK+ to install a patched or CVS version of
> automake.
> So perhaps we need to hold off until this is resolved.

The patch is a one-liner against installed automake script, and is included 
in the libtool-1.4 README,  For most developers (who continue to use 
automake-1.4) it is a simple matter of (not tested btw):

   $ sudo sh -c 'cat README | (cd $automake_prefixdir/bin && patch -p0)'

...or something.

If you don't mind having your developers upgrade to libtool-1,4, then asking 
them to apply this patch isn't too onerous IMHO.  Automake-1.5 is almost 
certainly several months away.

Besides, I imagine Debian (and presumably other distros) will soon start 
shipping libtool-1.4 and a patched automake-1.4.  Perhaps that is a better 
thing to wait for than automake-1.5?

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