Re: gdk-pixbuf to GTK

Yasushi Shoji <> writes: 
> This isn't really an objections, but what about embedded system who's
> trying to use gtk+ for its default widget?
> will be able to do like --disable-pixbuf at compile time?
> I know my comment doesn't count compare to core developers but I just
> feel like image lib should be add-on for widget lib.

You're right, I think we are going to want a way to compile GTK+ with
many features and widgets removed. The fact is that even GTK+ 1.2 is
too big for many embedded applications, and we don't want to handicap
GTK+ on the desktop for this reason.

So the thing to do is something like:
 configure --disable-noncore-widgets --disable-pixbuf --disable-xim 

i.e. allow GTK+ to be stripped down at compile time.

This is how GNU libc works for example. You can strip it down for
embedded use.


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