Re: Re : Iconview stock items

I am still having issues with this, I have attached my test code for
reference, the code compiles but simply segfaults upon running, it's a
curious issue cos I can't see what I might be doing wrong.

On 18 January 2012 13:21, Nicolas Soubeiran <nicolas soubeiran gmail com> wrote:
For the widget you should pass the iconview where you want to display the stock.
The "detail" parameter is for the theme engine, if you do not
understand, it probably means that NULL should be OK.
I recommend an update of Gtk to you. The 2.6 version you seem to use
is a >5 years old version of GTK2 (cf the link you send). The current
version is available on the gtk homepage. The Gtk-documentation has
really been improved since.

2012/1/17 Neil Munro <neilmunro gmail com>:
On 17 January 2012 18:20, Nicolas SOUBEIRAN <nicolas soubeiran gmail com> wrote:
Le 17/01/2012 02:02, Neil Munro a Ãcrit :

On 16 January 2012 19:01, Nicolas SOUBEIRAN<nicolas soubeiran gmail com>

Use gtk_widget_render_icon_pixbuf
If you need a custom size, you may look after gtk_icon_size_register

Is this a gtk3 function as I cannot find it as a function of a gtk2

It is a gtk3 function the gtk2 equivalent is



Excellent, however I am still stuck, if this function returns a pixbuf
and I pass it the stock_id and size I want, what widget do I need to
pass to it? Also what purpose does the detail parameter serve? I
thought I was coming to understand gtk+ until now, I am sure that what
I am trying to achieve is a trivial matter (I am ultimately creating a
iconview to essentially be a prettier way to navigate about a
notebook) but for some reason I am just getting stuck.

Again if anyone could offer any help I would be really grateful

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