Re: Re : Iconview stock items

On 17 January 2012 18:20, Nicolas SOUBEIRAN <nicolas soubeiran gmail com> wrote:
Le 17/01/2012 02:02, Neil Munro a Ãcrit :

On 16 January 2012 19:01, Nicolas SOUBEIRAN<nicolas soubeiran gmail com>

Use gtk_widget_render_icon_pixbuf
If you need a custom size, you may look after gtk_icon_size_register

Is this a gtk3 function as I cannot find it as a function of a gtk2

It is a gtk3 function the gtk2 equivalent is



Excellent, however I am still stuck, if this function returns a pixbuf
and I pass it the stock_id and size I want, what widget do I need to
pass to it? Also what purpose does the detail parameter serve? I
thought I was coming to understand gtk+ until now, I am sure that what
I am trying to achieve is a trivial matter (I am ultimately creating a
iconview to essentially be a prettier way to navigate about a
notebook) but for some reason I am just getting stuck.

Again if anyone could offer any help I would be really grateful

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