Re: drag'n'drop sample application

On 11 Sep 2011, at 19:24, John Emmas wrote:



I know there aren't many people here who use gtk-win32 but if anyone does (and can spare a few minutes) 
could you try building those two modules and see if you can reproduce the problem?  I'd like to find out if 
TreeView dnd is something that isn't working generally in gtk-win32 or if the problem is specific to my 
copy for some reason.

FWIW I came across some old postings I'd made on this mailing list (circa April 2010) and realised that I 
already flagged up this problem when I was using gtk-win32 v2.14, about 18 months ago.  For the past 6 months 
or so I've been using v2.20 and it still seems to be present in that version although I think gtk is up to 
about 2.24 now.

I'm planning to investigate the TreeView DND issue sometime soon but it'd be handy to know if anyone else is 
working on it (or if it's already been fixed).  To recap, TreeView controls seem to support drag'n'drop if I 
build them for Linux - but not if I build them for Windows.  If anyone has any information that might be 
helpful I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks.


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