Re: Brainy person needed for scrolling canvas problem!

On 3 Jul 2010, at 15:33, John Emmas wrote:

I downloaded the Scribble example but interestingly, it seems to have been written for an older version of 
gtk/gdk.  It uses some gdk types (e.g. GdkDeviceInfo) which seem to be missing from gtk-2.0 but which look 
as though they used to be present in gtk-1.2.

I guess I could temporarily rename my gtk-2.0 include folders to make gtk-2.0 inaccessible to the compiler 
but I'm curious to know if there's a better way to revert to the older version?

Actually, it's slightly simpler than I thought.  The Scribble project has two source files (scribble.c and 
scribble-xinput.c).  Further investigation reveals that they actually compile to two different executables 
(At first, I thought they were both part of the same project which would have been worrying - because 
scribble.c needs gtk-2.0, whereas scribble-xinput.c needs gtk-1.2).

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